First Ethereum Layer 2 Payment Gateway

Accept crypto payments bankless, cheap and fast. Powered by ZkSync Ethereum Layer 2.

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Install and set up in seconds

Select the tokens you want to accept. Add your public address. And start to accept payments.


Let your customers pay with eth & erc20

Your customers will pay through ZkSync and money will get instantly to your public address. Withdraw from ZkSync at anytime.

Customers will pay zero fees. Merchants will pay low fees to Sprintcheckout and ZkSync.

0.5%Sprintcheckout fee

Other fees

ZkSync fee per transaction are $0.39* flat and Sprintcheckout charges only 0.5%.

On a typical $30 purchase:

  • Merchant gets $29.46
  • Sprintcheckout gets $0.15
  • ZkSync fee is $0.39* flat

*ZkSync varies based on network congestion. Typically $0.12 to $0.39

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